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What services do you provide?

We provide Website design, E-commerce design, Professional copy writing, Web hosting, Email Marketing, PPC Campaign setup / maintenance, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design and many other software development solutions.

How much will your services cost me for Web Design?

Prices varies depending on your requirement. Once we meet you and understand your needs, we will be able to provide you with official quotation that includes the price and time required to complete the project.

What kind of guarantee do you offer on the Web Design Order?

We have a skilled team trained very well in web design and web programming. We guarantee that your website will be made for you by the promised time limit and it will not only be pleasing to the eye but also informative. Our team will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the website produced. Only then we proceed with the next step of creating your online presence.

What is your privacy policy?

Privacy and information security remains one of the number one concerns on the Internet today. As a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program, Business Fusion has always and will always keep private all of our clients personal information. We will never sell or share your personal information to any Third-Party company without your express consent and knowledge.

Is my project going to be handled by a single person or a group of people?

Once you sign up for our service, a member of our team will be assigned as a representative and he/she shall be your direct contact person. The design team will then assist up throughout the design process and make sure that your vision of the website and the requirements of its functionality are properly communicated and implemented. Your design team will consist of designers and programmers.

I would like you to design my site, what is the next step that I have to take?

Very well! The first step is to select through our array of services as to which you would like to have. If you need some advice regarding which services will be best for your use, then you can always contact us through a phone call or email us. We will help you fit our services according to your needs. After selecting the services your next step is to sign up with us. After you sign up, you will be contacted by a member of our design team and we will begin on the process of establishing your web presence!

When I sign up as stated on your website, must I design my text logos and define website’s look and feel? Do I need these items at the time I sign-up or can I supply them later?

We make use of your logo, images and text to ensure that your website is exactly what you want. All we need to get started is a general idea of what you would like the site to look like. The images, logos and text can be inserted at any time during the design process. Just keep in mind that the quicker you provide us with this information, the faster we are able to provide you with design choices.

If I wish to update / make changes to my website after it is created, can I get back to you?

This world is ever-changing and we understand that. We truly agree that with time, your websites / online marketing plans have to be altered to suit the needs of your business and to grab your customers. This is the reason why we provide you with lifetime customer support. After your website is made and is running, we do provide you with maintenance services of your site as we not only do the changes for you, but also keep track of the safety of your website, ensuring it does not fall prey to viruses or hackers.

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