Be fully in-charge of all the content on your website.

Content Management Systems


Business Fusion commits at delivering a portfolio of content management services to our clients. We strongly believe that these CMS services can definitely revolutionize the way a firm manages its online business. Aside from the significant cost reductions that these CMS services entail, the business will be given full control of the content management leisurely. When we say leisurely, this means that the business will manage its own contents at its own pace, and at the time that is most convenient for it.


Our custom CMSs are developed with your business in our mind. In fact, we develop these CMS solutions through our in-depth understanding of your business’ peculiar requirements including your growth plans. Through this, the developed CMS solutions will help you in managing current and future business requirements. There is no better way to achieve competitive edge than thinking proactively!

Management of Complex and Varied Contents

Are you finding difficulties locating pertinent information from piles and piles of contents only to find out in the end that the information that you need is not there? Well, you might as well call for help. Evidently, your business lacks effective CMS strategies.

We, at Business Fusion, have user-friendly CMSs that allow even non-technical users of adding and updating contents including pages, links, images, etc. on the site through, what we call, ‘seamless integration’. This means that the CMS solutions provided will ensure that the web pages are integrated into the overall site design automatically. Thereby, these CMS solutions streamline the business in ways you never thought possible.

Our CMS solutions are backed by different technologies such as PHP and .Net. These are compatible with various platforms including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Importantly, our technical staffs are experienced in using proprietary systems like Business Catalyst, an all-in-one solution intended on building as well as managing business sites. With these, rest assured that we can take care of any content management problem including your high dependency on web consultants which is basically a costly endeavour. Keeping your site up-to-date has never been this easy and cost-effective.

Value-Adding Features

Business Fusion is known for simplifying complex web-related scenarios. We do this through our CMS solutions. We specifically focus on four key areas among others. We offer content management solutions on document, web, enterprise and portal. There are various reasons why our CMSs are of high usability.

Our CMS solutions can:

  •  Convert a static web page into a dynamic, highly interactive web page;
  •  Facilitate website usage tracking; and
  •  Add, edit and update web pages, files, articles, albums, links, etc.

Our CMS solutions have:

  •  WYSIWYG editor,
  • Minimal server requirements, and
  • User/group management tools.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Our CMS solutions come with training and support. We do this as part of our assurance that the businesses are able to use the provided solution and thus manage the sites confidently. We are committed at promoting better communication and access to the most effective CMS solutions for the business. As such, it is our utmost priority to provide continuous support so that the clients may fully realize the CMS services’ potential.

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