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E-Commerce Website Development in Singapore


We, at Business Fusion, can definitely make any online business more profitable. As an eCommerce specialist, our goal is to create websites that can establish an instant connection with potential customers, that is, through convincing them to shop online.

Web Designs that Engage and Sell

The eCommerce solutions that we provide aims at generating trust, between your business and its target audience. There are three aspects that we cater to: adequate products and/or services information, persuasive contents and images and straightforward navigation. While we treat these aspects equally, we specifically focus on navigation to put it simply, easiness of navigation allows any visitor to find products and/or services much more easily.


Business Fusion houses only the best eCommerce experts who work in coordination with our web designers in developing performance-oriented sites. Only these highly optimized sites can guarantee to deliver higher sales and thus increased profits.

Efficient eCommerce Strategies

Business Fusion knows that this is all about your business. So, our in-house experts will collaborate with your marketing department. In this way, our experts will understand your target market and your products and/or services, as well as the marketing tools that are currently in use.

In providing effective eCommerce marketing strategies, our endeavours are in these processes:

  • Drive site visitors in buying product(s) and/or service(s)
  • Convince site visitors of opting for add-on product(s) and/or service(s)
  • Convince site visitors to buy due to attractive offers
  • Initiate efforts in retaining old customers
  • Encouraging old and new customers to refer family members, relatives, and friends. 

Successful Integration of Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway Solutions

Our goal at Business Fusion exhausts all the possible steps in ensuring that the clients are experiencing maximized financial gain . In addition, we also aim at enhancing the shopping experience of each customer with each shopping.

In lieu with this, we only use tools that ensure smoother integration of eCommerce solutions such as shopping cart and payment gateway. These tools guarantee that the customers will have safer and more secure transactions every time.

Potential customers will be ‘just a click away’ if you join hands with us – Business Fusion – create your eCommerce site today!

Business Fusion understands that the online business environment is getting competitive by the day. Such competitiveness requires buying processes to be relatively easier and quicker compared to other sites. We can help you with this through the solutions that our marketing experts and designers will develop just for your online business.


There are 6 areas with which Business Fusion stands out:

  • We offer budget-friendly eCommerce solutions including shopping cart solutions
  • We support indispensable retail platforms for any of eCommerce solutions provided
  • We provide eCommerce solutions that can ensure highly secured transactions
  • We offer clients with full control of the eCommerce solutions provided
  • We guarantee increased conversion rate through the eCommerce solutions provided
  • We develop promotional campaigns through social media and mobile marketing integration
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